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MotoScan for Windows
MotoScan for Win CE / Mobile

(Win7) Communication from Motorola device to PC does not work.
Most likely "User Account Control" (UAC) is blocking data transfer.

UAC is by default blocking communication to a USB device, even through Mobile Device Center. At the Windows START BUTTON you must type UAC (and Enter) in the search field. Move the slider to the bottom / “Never notify” position and click OK. You may need to restart the PC before you try again. If you are using FTP please check your firewall settings. Windows firewall might be blocking the communication. Disable the firewall or add an exception for MotoScan.

Under which operating systems is it possible to install the
MotoScan Software?

Windows XP with SP2 or later, Windows 7/8/10

How do I get the software installed on the PC?

The installation process is described in the User's Guide, you just have to follow the steps through the installation process.

How do I install MotoScan on the scanner / hand terminal?

Make sure that the hand terminal is placed in the cradle and that there is an Active Sync (Windows XP) or Mobile Device Center (Windows 7/8/10) connection. Start the MotoScan application on the PC and click on the “Install application” button. The the Moto-scan client software will then be transferred to the scanner / hand terminal. Make sure that the scanner / hand terminal stays in the cradle during the installation process. Depending on the hardware the scanner / hand terminal will reboot after the installation has finished.

How do I transfer the scanned barcodes to the PC?

With Active Sync (Win XP) or Mobile Device Center (Win 7/8/10 ) running on the PC you just place the hand terminal in the cradle. The scanned barcodes / the registered items will then be transferred, each as a record in a plain text file. If FTP is used, the terminal will synchronize with the server at the defined interval.

How can I look up and/or change the destination
for the scanned items on the PC?

On the PC, start the MotoScan application and click on the “Change Settings” button. Expand “Data Transfer Settings”. In “Destination directory for data file” you can see the current destination. You can see and change the destination folder here. In “Data file name” you can see or change the file name that will be used for the data transfer file.

What do I do if I forgot to charge the hand terminal?
Are my registrations lost ?

No registrations are lost. Just put the scanner / hand terminal back in the cradle and let it charge for a couple of hours. When charging, the LEDs on the scanner / hand terminal are flashing.

The scanner / hand terminal does not seem to charge

Make sure that the LED light(s) that indicates charging is blinking. If this is not the case, then check the power supply.

I can not get a connection to the hand terminal
  1. In Windows XP it’s a pre-requisite that Microsoft Active Sync is installed on the PC. In Windows7+8 it’s a pre-requisite that Mobile Device Center is installed on the PC. They are normally automatically installed as a part of the Moto-Scan software installation process, but it is possible that they have been removed from the PC. The programs can be downloaded from Microsoft’s homepage (Download center), and they are also found inside the MotoScan installation file you can download in the download section.

    Check the systray icon. It should be displayed in a clear green color if a connection is active. If this is not the case make sure that the scanner / hand terminal is placed correctly in the cradle.
  2. If using a MT20xx device. Please make sure that the cradle is a batch cradle (STB2000). The STB2078 cradle is not compatible with ActiveSync/MDC. If using a cable instead of a cradle, configure USB settings in the MT20xx menu: Config|Configure USB|ActiveSync
  3. The Windows firewall may be blocking the communication. Allow/Disable the firewall settings through: Start|Settings|Control Panel|Security Center. (WinXP). Start|Control Panel|System and Security|Windows Firewall (Win7+8)
  4. Issue in Windows7: You may not have had the sufficient rights to install Mobile Device Center (MDC) correctly. Please make sure that you have administrator rights to install MDC. If you have not got admin rights and you did install MDC, then 1) set the rights for your current user to admin rights. 2) uninstall MDC. 3) Install MDC again
Which scanners / hand terminals can run the software?

All Symbol/Motorola WinCE devices having CE5 can run the software Though, it is optimized for MC1000 hand terminals and MT2000 scanners, supporting the small non-touch screens

How do I customize the menus on the hand terminal?

This can be done in the MotoScan application. Click on the various subjects and select the possibilities according to your needs. The possibilities are described in the Setup Guide which can be downloaded here on the website. After a change has been made you must transfer the settings to the scanner / hand terminal by selecting “Transfer settings” from the main menu in the Moto-Scan application. Make sure that the scanner / hand terminal is in the cradle and that Active Sync (WinXP) or Mobile Device Center (Win 7/8/10) is running.

How can I copy the settings from one hand terminal to another?

Place the scanner / hand terminal you want to copy the settings from in the cradle. Make sure that there is an active connection to the PC. Start the MotoScan on the PC and click on “Load settings from terminal button”. In the menu that appears click the “Save settings” button. Then click on the “Cancel” button to go to the main menu. Now place the scanner / hand terminal you want to copy the settings to in the cradle. Again make sure there is an active connection to the PC. Click the “Transfer settings” button.

(Win7) How can I prevent the User Account Control (UAC)
message boxesfrom popping up on the screen ?

In Control Panel|User Accounts| Change user account control settings. Move the slider to “Never notify” position and click OK.

(Win7) When docking the scanner, the file transfer seems to work,
but there is no data file in the directory pointed out from the
program on the PC.

In Win7, when trying to write in sensitive areas (e.g. C:\, C:\windows; C:\Programs) there is a feature called virtual store which redirects files to: < drive>\users\\AppData\local\VirtualStore. (appdata:often hidden) Set the directory for the data file to a non-sensitive location or lower the UAC settings (See also answer above)

(Win7) I have problems getting the software to execute correctly
  1. (Prior version 3.7) : Locate the folder where the software is installed. Right click on the MC1000configuration.exe file. Select properties|Compatibility. Click on the “Change settings for all users” button. choose “Run this program as an Administrator” and save the settings. Repeat the procedure for the NPTTerminalSync.exe file.
  2. (Version 3.7 and newer) : Locate the folder where the software is installed. Right click on the MotoScanConfigurator.exe file. Select properties|Compatibility. Click on the “Change settings for all users” button. choose “Run this program as an Administrator” and save the settings. Repeat the procedure for the ScanSync.exe file.
(Win10) Fixing Windows Mobile Device Center on Windows 10 Creator Update
  1. Check that the service Windows Mobile-2003-based device connectivity is running
  2. If the service is not running:
    1. Right-click the service and choose 'Properties'
    2. Select the tab 'Log On'
    3. Change the account to 'Local System Account', and restart the service

MotoScan for Android
MotoScan for Android

I am new to MotoScan - how do I start a Trial

Please go to the Try Now page in the top menu, and register for a 60-days Trial account

I am an existing MotoScan-user - how do I start a Trial

Log in with your existing account.

On the My Account-page, you will find a Start Android Trial-button.

Clicking this, will upgrade your account to handle Android devices, and add a 60-days trial license to your account.

How do I purchase MotoScan Android

If you're an existing MotoScan user, simply use your available licenses - or click the 'Get more licenses'-button on the My Account page.

If you have a trial account, click the 'Get full license'-button on the My Account-page

If you are a reseller, contact Ingram Micro Europe

I downloaded the demo version - how do i install it?
I want to upgrade my Android version from KitKat(4.x) or Lollipop(5.x) to Marshmallow(6.0) - will MotoScan still work?

If upgrading your device from earlier versions to Marshmallow (6.0), you must un-enroll the device before upgrading and enroll again after upgrading.

Failing to do so, will cause the system to see your device as unknown, and pull a new license from your license pool, effectively resulting in loss of a license