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Configurator v3.4.1.1

System requirements

MotoScan for WinCE / Mobile
  • Mobile computers / PDA's
    • All Zebra/Symbol/Motorola devices running WinCE 5, 6 or 7 or Windows Mobile 5 or 6 or WEH 6.5 or later can run the application
  • PC host hardware
    • Intel® Core2duo processor or better
    • 2 gb RAM (Win7/8/10)
    • 100 MB free hard drive space
    • One free USB slot for connecting the device cradle to the PC
  • Software
    • Operating system: Win7 - Win8/8.1 and Win10
    • Win 7 recommeded as a minimum
    • A PDF reader software for reading the User Guide
    • Windows Mobile Device Center (installer included in the download package)
MotoScan for Android
  • Mobile computers
    • Most devices running Android version 4.03 or later can run the application
    • Optimized for use on Zebra/Symbol/Motorola devices and Datalogic Axist - using the integrated barcode scanner on the devices. Other devices, such as Android mobile phones, are using the camera for the scanning process
  • Software
    • Internet browser requirements
      • Microsoft Edge
      • Internet Explorer version 9 and later
      • Google Chrome
      • Others may work also
    • FTP Server
      • Access to a FTP server within the operatings network (depending on either WLAN or GSM)
      • Uses passive FTP transfer
      • Be aware of firewall limitations to access to the FTP port
    • Dropbox
      • A link to create an account from inside the configurator tool is available
    • A PDF reader software for reading the User Guide