Download the Android app

Download the app using one of the options below and try the user friendly scanning on your device with a pre-made configuration.

Google Play StageNow

In demo mode you can try out a pre-made configuration and test the database lookup using the barcode test sheet below, but can not store and transfer records

Test barcodes User's Guide Datasheet

Create an account

With a Trial account, valid for 60 days, you get access to the configurator and you are able to stage the terminal with your own configuration and upload your own database.

Try out how easy it is to stage and deploy a terminal out-of-the-box, and store and transfer one record of data

Purchasing a license will allow you to create and use multiple configurations and store/transfer unlimited records

Install with Google Play

Scan the QR code or click the button.

Install with StageNow

Scan this barcode with your StageNow client (Zebra devices only), or download detailed instructions for your scanner type below


Download the Windows CE app

This download is a full edition of MotoScan Windows with configurator and data synchronization for installation on a pc.
Try the pre-made configuration and learn how easy it is to create and stage your own configuration

Download app (.zip) Test barcodes



License activation

If you have purchased the full version, and want to activate your license on a device, please follow the instructions below:

  • Install the MotoScan application on your PC
  • Run "setup.exe"
  • Go through the installation process
  • We recommed that you tick the box for "Disable all ActiveSync Partnerships"
  • Start the MotoScan PC application
  • Make sure that the terminal is in the cradle and connected via ActiveSync or Mobile Device Center
  • Click "Activate License" and a browser window will open
  • Enter your login credentials (will only work when you have made a purchase)
  • Print the activation barcode and scan it with the scanner. Moto-Scan must be running when scanning the barcode.